Publisher : Zenhiser
Website :
Format : MiDi, WAV
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Size:  6.01 GB
Description : An absolutely stunning collection of real samples from all over the world. Sacred Stems contains many traditional sounds from Africa, Asia, the Balkans and Southeast Asia. The combination of these original ethnic instruments with modern sounding has created a unique high quality set of unimaginable sizes.
Inside you will find over 6 GB of material including flutes, drums, guitars, sitar, oud and kalimba, covering a wide range of instruments. Immaculately performed and recorded, this set will stand the test of time, but thanks to the exceptionally beautiful vocals recorded specifically for this sound set, you now have access to a myriad of unique sounds that will bring life, culture and charm to your future tracks.

Song Starters – 10 (includes full mix previews, drums, vocals, basslines, flutes, durum, guitar, sitar, oud, kalimba, berimbau, kalimba, midi and more) – 129
Total Samples – 119
Total Midi – 10
Tempo – 115bpm – 122bpm


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