Publisher : York Audio
Website :
Format : KIPR, WAV
Quality : 24 bit 96, 48, 44.1 kHz mono

Size:  46.7 MB
Description : The York Audio HWAT 412 FN50 Lite is based on a vintage Hiwatt ™ SE4122 4×12 cabinet with the original 1977 Fane ™ “Purple Label” 50W speaker. Warm and unique sound with an incredible vintage character unlike anything else we have to offer. This rear-port booth, sounded on the darker side, delivers thick lows that you can feel, while the mids retain the rich vocal quality and grain of the 70s. The highs are very smooth and speak without harshness in the presence frequencies with a pleasant airiness that complements the low frequencies perfectly.

Download “York-Audio-HWAT-412-FN50-Lite” York-Audio-HWAT-412-FN50-Lite.torrent – Downloaded 5 times – 80 KB


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