Publisher : York Audio
Website :
Format : KIPR, WAV
Quality : 24 bit 96, 48, 44.1 kHz mono

Size:  54.8 MB
Description: York Audio BMAN 410 P10Q Cab Pack is based on a vintage Tweed Fender ™ Bassman 4×10 combo loaded with original 1960 Jensen ™ Alnico P10Q speakers. A classic and unique tone at the same time with clean and warm lows, smooth mids and highs that can be either warm and bell-shaped or “glassy”. While this sound is commonly associated with Bassman, it sounds fantastic with a wide range of American and British amps. With tones ranging from rough blues to classic country, ambient P&W to edgy indie, this Cab Pack is more than just a one-trick gimmick.

609 WAV
109 KIPR
Microphones used in this Cab Pack
57 – Based on a Shure ™ SM57
58 – Based on a Shure ™ SM58
SM7 – Based on a Shure ™ SM7b
421 – Based on a vintage Sennheiser ™ MD421
906 – Based on a Sennheiser ™ e906
121- Based on a Royer ™ R-121
160 – Based on a Beyerdynamic ™ M160
313 – Based on a Shure ™ KSM313
E22 – Based on a Josephson ™ e22S
F47 – Based on a vintage Neumann ™ FET 47
U47 – Based on a Telefunken ™ U47 tube condenser
ROOM 1 and 2 – Captured with a Telefunken ™ U47
REAR – Captured with a Telefunken ™ U47


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