Publisher : Unison
Website :
Format : MIDI, WAV
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Size:  336 MB
Description : The first and only MALAA sample pack is finally here – exclusively on Unison.
If you want to create hit g-house / bass house tracks that will blow the dance floor … This new exclusive Unison package is definitely for you.
MALAA, co-founder of Confession Label, has over 193,000 Soundcloud subscribers, over 102 million track streams and has performed at Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Hard Summer Festival and more …
Included all of his new signature sounds that he has hidden throughout his career so you can use them in your own tracks right now.
Inside the pack, you’ll find awesome club bass, signature melodic loops, crisp hi-hats, hand claps, mind-blowing synths, dizzying beats, dark MIDI tunes and baselines, ear effects and more exported from MALAA projects. …
These sounds are essential if you want to create professional quality g-house / bass house tracks that will amaze your listeners.

30 Kicks
30 Claps
30 Snares
40 Hi-Hats
40 Percussion
20 Fills
25 Bass Loops
26 Bass One-Shots
36 Melodic Loops
49 Melodic One-Shots
30 FX
22 Misc Sounds
41 MIDI Melodies & Basslines


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