Publisher : Ueberschall
Website : ueberschall
Format : ELASTIK

Size:  1.7 GB
Description : Classic sound – warm and homogeneous.
The 50s Jazz Guitar Trio delivers the classic sound of a compact jazz orchestra led by a guitar.
Although the instruments are recorded to the highest standards, the warm and intimate tones of acoustic and electric guitars are ideal for jazz tunes from the 50s library. With a calm mood and an inimitable feeling of top-class musicians locked in rhythm, the 50s Jazz Guitar Trio is a real deal.
The library contains 5 basic kits and about 2 GB of sample materials. The starting tempo is 120 to 160 beats per minute. There are also a number of time signatures – 4/4, 5/4 and 3/4, but regardless of the tempo or time base, these melodies swing beautifully.
There are 531 loops and phrases in total. Each set consists of three or four separate musical parts, as well as introductory and concluding parts. The instruments consist of acoustic drums, bass guitars, and acoustic and electric guitars. In addition to pre-mixed drum loops, each kit includes separate drum loops for kick drum, snare drum (top and bottom), hi-hat, tom, ride, overhead and room mics to create the perfect drum mix for your project.
With the guitar in front, each song section includes both rhythm guitar and lead guitar performances. Mic and line recordings are included for most performances. All bass phrases are also present in both amp and linear versions. This combination in each kit makes it easy to create arrangements of the full length of a song and provides maximum flexibility to control every aspect of the mix. In addition, Elastik 3’s powerful processing capabilities, including tempo control and re-tuning, allow you to fine tune individual loops and seamlessly blend into your overall project.

Download “Ueberschall-50s-Jazz-Guitar-Trio-ELASTIK” Ueberschall-50s-Jazz-Guitar-Trio-ELASTIK.torrent – Downloaded 10 times – 17 KB


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