u-he – Synth – Plugin Bundle 2021.8 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x86 x64

Year / Date of Release : 08.2021
Version : 2021.8
Developer : u-he
Developer site : u-he
Format : VSTi, VSTi3, AAX
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tablet : cured (put and work) | R2R
System requirements : Windows 7, 1GB RAM, more recommended, Intel Nehalem or newer, AMD Bulldozer or newer

Size:  618.8 MB
Description : We have been developing synthesizers and effects since 2001. Our plugins are not only fun to use, but also more than deep enough to satisfy the most discerning musicians, composers and producers.
Our products are a labor of love, and you can see it. We create the software ourselves that we would like to use.
A set of virtual instruments and effects from u-he:
u-he Bazille v1.1.2
u-he ColourCopy v1.0.1
u-he Hive v2.1.1
u-he Presswerk v1.1.5
u-he Repro-1 v1.1.2.12092
u-he Satin v1.3.2
u-he Twangstrom v1.0.1

Plugin Description
u-he Bazille is a hybrid modular synthesizer that combines digital oscillators with analog-type filters and realistic effects. The flexibility of connecting modules offers a large sonic range: powerful bass and leads, subtle textures, jumpy beats, modular clutter and more. The instrument offers 4 digital oscillators with FM (frequency modulation), PD (phase distortion) and FR (fractal resonance), as well as 4 multi-mode analog filters, 4 built-in effects (delay, distortion, phaser, spring reverb), 2 LFOs, 4 ADS (S) R envelopes, 2 assignable oscillators, 8 x 16 step morph sequencer, sophisticated signal mixing modules, RM (ring modulation), AM (amplitude modulation).
u-he ColourCopyis a virtual analogue effect inspired by classic bucket-brigade delays, but enhanced with modern features. We named our plugin “Color Copy” because it can provide the color of the classic bbd modules that people still like, but with a wider variety of colors. Color Copy started life as a small delay module called “Lyrebird” that we built into the Repro-1, but the sound was too good to be abandoned and turned into a separate plugin.
u-he Hive – Hive: light synthesizer, heavy sound. Sleek, streamlined and super fast.
Hive was built for speed. An easy workflow, low cpu usage, and a single page interface mean you can create your tracks quickly. Being “fast and simple” doesn’t mean sacrificing sound quality or creative control. Hive is packed with features, controls, and enough flexibility to create stunning sounds.
With a simple workflow and low CPU usage, you can create amazing patches almost instantly. Hive 2 is fast and simple, without sacrificing flexibility or sound quality. Packed with more controls than ever, Version 2 opens up new possibilities for creative expression.
u-he Presswerk– The plugin includes the characteristics of classic compressors, and includes a large number of parameters and options for their use. Presswerk has several display modes that give you 3 classic devices to choose from, plus topology selection, pre- and post-suture stage control, and an Analog mode that allows you to recreate the phase response and transient behavior of classic equipment.
u-he Repro-1 – Repro-1 plunges into the past for analog inspiration, reverently modeling a classic synthesizer. Every detail of the original was captured using component-level modeling technology to create the most authentic model possible. All the finest characteristics found in the original are present in the Repro-1.
u-he Satin – u-he takes you back to the golden era of tape recording with the Satin plugin. The plugin recreates the operation of tape recorders of all kinds. The developers went further and added older noise canceling systems, which were often used as a tone compression effect, and also added more heads to create tape delay. The plug-in allows you to achieve authentic sound thanks to soft harmonic distortion, non-linear compression, uneven frequency response, and also due to the instability of the pitch. Also, the plug-in allows you to continuously adjust the speed of the film, which in turn changes the character of the sound, low speed introduces more noise and reduces high frequencies, high speed sacrifices low frequencies. The Service panel provides access to complex options including wow and flutter,
u-he Twangstrom is a flexible spring reverb. If you are familiar with the Bazille, you may have already come across its built-in spring block. We took this one, then modeled two more reverb tanks, connected it to the drive section, filter stage, envelope and mod matrix. It emulates a handpicked selection of the most popular units you’ll find in classical guitar and instrument amps, recreating the weird nature of real-world sources.
u-he Zebra– Powerful modular synthesizer combining various types of synthesis with powerful modulation mechanisms. With this tool, you can create any waveform you like, apply a wide range of spectral effects to it, or filter it through the available filters. The possibilities are virtually endless, it’s like a playground for sound engineers only. Computer Music magazine nominated 10 best VST-Synthesizers in 2011, of which Zebra 2 took the honorable first place!


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