TurnTable 4.0.4 [macOS] [TNT]

Release year : 2022
Version : 4.0.4
Developer : Andrew Kazmierski
Architecture : ARM, x86 (64-bit)
Interface language : English
Tablet : K’ed by TNT
Distribution time : before the appearance of the first 3-5 downloaders
System Requirements : macOS 11.3 or later

Size:  5.1 MB

Description : TurnTable is a new music player. This is revolutionary music player software.
The music player for artists, creatives and people who just want more.
A music player for daydreaming, using for your music listening rituals, anything you might want and need.
Browse and play your music collection in a new kind of music interface. Play life in the most convincing way. See full-length, full-color album art created like a real album, but for digital media. There has never been anything like this in software.
TurnTable is fully compatible with Apple Music. Your complete Apple Music Library will be available.


Beautiful album design, just like real records. Enjoy every album you have with full screen album art and track list. Like a real record.
View albums. Pick and choose from your albums shuffled in a full screen collection view. Album cover and album title text.
View tracks. Enjoy playing tracks in jukebox style. Select and play tracks for fun, at random.
A totally impressive selection of music. Browse music by artist. Select an artist, view their complete Discography – in chronological order.

Download “TurnTable-4.0.4-macOS-TNT” TurnTable-4.0.4-macOS-TNT.torrent – Downloaded 0 times – 7 KB


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