Publisher : Spitfire Audio
Website : spitfireaudio
Format : KONTAKT FULL & K’ed 4.2.4+
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Installation : added via the Files tab (see spoiler Screenshots)

Size:  3.06 GB
Description : Finally, there is a grand piano that sounds like is in the same room as your orchestra. This exquisite Steinway Model D concert grand piano was recorded at the world famous AIR Studios, where we recorded our symphony and chamber series. A classic all-rounder ideal for live performances and for adding texture to your scores.
Pianos are usually recorded in a very “scientific” manner, so for larger orchestral mockups and their realizations it is often very difficult to mix. To overcome this obstacle, we simply recorded the piano, like the rest of our modules, with the microphones positioned as they would be for any orchestral session. The end result is a piano sound like any of the great films recorded at AIR Studios.

Download “Spitfire-Audio-Orchestral-Grand-Piano-2.1” Spitfire-Audio-Orchestral-Grand-Piano-2.1.torrent – Downloaded 13 times – 271 KB


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