Year / Release Date : 11/03/2020
Developer : Soundmanufacture Developer
Site : Soundmanufacture
Format : amxd / alp
System Requirements : Ableton Live 9.6+ Suite / Max4Live 7.2+

Size:  29.9 MB
Description :
Modular Sequencer is a Max for Live step sequencer for Ableton Live 10.
Modular Sequencer is a highly flexible sequencer where you can link each module to any other.
The MIXMUX Duo is a flexible dual sequencer that rhythms the notes of incoming MIDI chords with impressive flexibility for real-time control.
Chord-O-Matis the ultimate for a live chord library and a trigger device for Ableton Live 10 with push integration. it is designed to have quick access to chords in a scale, learn chords, make chords and play live. With Instant Scale Devices, You Can Change Harmony In Your Entire Live Project
Scale-O-Mat is an M4L scaler for Ableton Live where you can zoom your entire Live Project and do a few more little tricks. Scale-O-Mat 4 is a modified version, developed according to the idea of ​​Tyondai Braxton.
Push Hacker– Fastlane and Soundmanufacture have teamed up to develop the Max for Live (M4L) device, which allows you to have faster access to individual features and customize Push 1 or 2 inside Ableton Live to suit your needs.
Guitar Scale Monitor – With it you can easily visualize all scales from clicking on a guitar or bass fretboard. You can also track incoming MIDI notes. An easy-to-use tool for learning guitar and bass, learning scales, practice, working with guitarists.
Scale Observer – The Scale Observer analyzes incoming Midi Notes and shows all possible scales.
Great if you have multiple midi files and want to estimate the appropriate scale.

Download “Soundmanufacture-Max-for-Live-Devices” Soundmanufacture-Max-for-Live-Devices.torrent – Downloaded 1 time – 21 KB


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