Publisher : Soundiron
Website : soundiron
Format : KONTAKT Kontakt 5.5.2+
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Size:  1.21 GB

Description : Soundiron BONTASTIC! – A vintage organ instrument captured with perfect clarity and captures the retro sound of the rare electronic desk organ Bontempi B4. The bright orange plastic body of the instrument echoes the popular aesthetics of the 1970s and early 1980s, during which the organ was made. With Bontastic! we modified the classical instrument and revealed the full potential of classical musical equipment.
The power of Bontastic! in an easy to use but powerful three-dimensional user interface. The basic parameters for generating sound are included: volume, note attack time, release time, and sample start offset, which allows users to shape the sound the way they want. Other basic controls include a vibrato and a special “Octave” knob, which really enhances the instrument by doubling and tripling notes played in different octaves. This really reveals the hidden nature of the organ.
The “Glide” option adds a custom portamento speed for pitch changes between notes.
The advanced tempo-synchronized LFO system has a customizable LFO shape, modulation target, speed, intensity and appearance time. A universal filter system allows you to choose between 13 types, modulation options and control the frequency and resonance. As always, we have included our customizable arpeggiator, which allows users to control direction, rhythm, shift, randomization and duration. An advanced graphical interface is enveloped by our modular FX rack, which allows users to place any of 18 different effects (reverb, distortion, etc.) in 10 slots in any order of the chain they want. The stand also includes 119 high-quality Soundiron impulse responses that can be loaded into the Reverb effect.
Bontastic! was recorded using a stereo pair of Neumann TLM 103 low-noise microphones to capture the entire acoustic range of the instrument. The sustain notes of each key were recorded with two RRs as well as four RRs for staccato. Sustain and staccato articulations were recorded for all eight chord buttons (A #, C, F, and G chords, both major and minor), as well as various effects. The Octave, Vibrato, and FX racks included in the kit provide you with an easy-to-use interface for fully customizing and creating classic retro sounds.

Download “Soundiron-Bontastic-KONTAKT” Soundiron-Bontastic-KONTAKT.torrent – Downloaded 6 times – 40 KB


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