Sonuscore – The Orchestra Complete 3 (KONTAKT)

Publisher : Sonucore
Website : Sonucore
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
for Kontakt 6.7.1 and up

Size:  22.83GB

Description : THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE is back with another incredible release that pushes the boundaries of composition in ways never before seen. It follows the path of its predecessors by emphasizing our intertwining orchestration engine while expanding to inspire in new ways. With feedback from our users, we have now added a customizable sequence designer, expanded the free play mode, reimagined how to play legato and staccato live, and completely re-recorded the woodwind section with incredible new depth. and versatility.
“ THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 3 is a logical extension of our orchestral color palette,” explains Tilman Sillescu, Sonuscore co-founder and creative director. In STRINGS OF WINTER and HORNS OF HELL we have already expanded the strings and winds section with special articulations and unusual instruments. Now with WOODS OF THE WILD it’s time to give the woodwinds the same treatment, adding more articulations and new instruments.
“We’ve also added some great new features to Ensemble nki to further improve our quick sketching experience,” said Tilman.
There has never been a shortage of virtual orchestras on the market. Ever since music composition has moved into the digital space, companies have been trying their own libraries. But it was a world of innovation stuck in one lane: record depth.
ORCHESTRA was a completely unique concept on the market at the time. We focused less on its high quality recordings and more on how the user would interact with the instrument. We wanted to create something that would inspire people differently than any other instrument, so we decided to bring out something beyond a simple orchestral library: a real-time orchestration engine.
“The ORCHESTRA was brand new at the time,” Tilman said. “He had the ability to create complete animated orchestral arrangements in a very short time just by playing simple chords. It was a creative goldmine and an incredible time saver for any composer.”

Download “Sonuscore-The-Orchestra-Complete-3-KONTAKT” Sonuscore-The-Orchestra-Complete-3-KONTAKT.torrent – Downloaded 0 times – 633 KB


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