Sonible – metering bundle v1.0 [Win, Mac]

Release Year/Date : 11/10/22
Developer : Sonible Developer
Site : Sonible
Format : VST, VST3, AAX, AU
Bit depth : 64bit Tablet : cured [MORiA ]
System Requirements : WIN 10+ macOS 10.12+

Size:  253.7 MB

Description :
Metering Bundle contains true:balance and true:level plugins. While true:balance accurately tracks the spectral balance of your track, true:level lets you track the interplay of loudness and dynamics.

Spectral balance of nails, as well as volume and dynamics !
Working with different link options :
With true:level and true:balance you will have access to a wide range of reference options based on a huge amount of audio data and practical mixing experience. Whether you’re an ambitious bedroom builder or a seasoned professional, they’ll meet your practical needs. Plus, you can download up to 8 reference tracks to compare against your track to ensure maximum consistency and efficiency throughout your project.
Volume and dynamics on the track !
true:level has a unique visualization of the interaction between loudness and dynamics, making it easy to find the right compromise between these qualities. With key readings – Loudness (LUFS), Dynamics (dB), Loudness Range (LU) and True Peak (dbTP) – supported by target meters, you’ll see at a glance if your track’s values ​​are approaching those of your chosen benchmark. . If you’re unsure of the changes your track needs, use the interactive level check feature.
Touch the power of spectral balance !
true:balance revolves around analyzing the spectral distribution and mono compatibility of your mix. It shows real time spectral analysis and average spectrum over time. To gauge your track’s distribution, you can use the included genre links or download up to 8 reference tracks. In the true:balance channel data section, you’ll get all the information you need about your track’s mono compatibility. When in doubt about what to do with your mix, simply turn on the balance check or mono for some helpful advice.

Download “Sonible-metering-bundle-v1.0” Sonible-metering-bundle-v1.0.torrent – Downloaded 0 times – 21 KB


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