PlugInGuru – Beautifully Broken (Omnisphere Patch

Publisher : PlugInGuru
Website : PlugInGuru
Format : SYNTH PRESET (Omnisphere 2.5+ )
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Size:  59.6 MB

Description :
This is a beautiful library with sound you won’t find in any other library I sell.
Instead of creating perfect sounding patches, they all have noise, bits and sample rates with LFOs
causing glitches in them, making them even more realistic…
Multis are a great place to start as they bring all parts of the library together for have fun
playing each of the grooves. Sometimes you just want a hip drum to play with a groove when writing music.
They provide what is wrapped in thick, noisy imperfect perfection!
Library includes .omnisphere file, 1020 BONUS presets in “2019 BONUS PRESETS” file
(first available for all other Omnisphere libraries in February)

129 patches
15 Multis
27 new samples
(Bonus presets contain)
687 ARP
224 FX
77 Envelopes
17 Granular
08 Stacks
How to install
Open Omnisphere, click Utility, click Install.omnisphere and locate the PlugInGuru Beautifully Broken.omnisphere file.
Copy “User” folder from (Bonus Presets) and paste in C:\ProgramData\Spectrasonics\STEAM\Omnisphere\Settings Library\Presets\


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