NovoNotes – HPL2 Processor v2.0.0 Regged REPACK-R2R

Release Year/Date : 27.03.2022
Version : v2.0.0
Developer : NovoNotes Developer
Website :
Format : VST3
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : cured
System requirements :
Windows 10
VST3 host

Size:  4.1 MB

Description :
Initially, sound sources for music were designed to be convenient to listen to through speakers.
It is very important to replicate the sensation of listening to speakers with headphones without disturbing the balance of the sound source mix in order to get true sound. The HPL2 processor is not an effect that adds something to make you feel good, but a tool to properly reproduce the original high-quality sound even with headphones. The plugin uses binaural technology to process stereo sources to simulate ideal room acoustics and speaker localization. This gives you a new perspective on your mix.
Add. Information :
HPL®︎ is a professional binaural conversion technology developed and researched in Japan.
We’ve pushed the boundaries of “binaural sound for music” to see how far we can go. Result?
Minimal changes in sound quality, minimal phase issues and uniform panning in all directions.
The resulting sound quality is so highly acclaimed that it is used in the production of high-
quality, high-resolution sound sources and in combination with numerous award-winning productions.


Download “NovoNotes-HPL2-Processor-v2.0.0-Regged-REPACK-R2R” NovoNotes-HPL2-Processor-v2.0.0-Regged-REPACK-R2R.torrent – Downloaded 0 times – 6 KB


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