Publisher : Musical Sampling
Website : Musical Sampling
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Size:  5.23 GB

Description : Vocal Bundle is a 5GB collection of legato vocals from three different artists.

Additional Information
• Rich, soulful female legato vocals
• Legato Vowels: Ooo, Mmm, Ahh
• 1.7 GB compressed NCW format
• Angelic, cinematic female legato vocals
• Legato Vowels: Ahh, Mmm
• 1.4 GB compressed NCW format
• Lush, cinematic male legato vocals
• Legato Vowels: Ooo, Mmm, Ahh
• 2.1 GB compressed NCW format
Our goal with these releases was to produce incredibly smooth, emotive patches that can be used for a wide variety of musical contexts. To achieve this, we recorded all the legato “long style” – a technique that takes far more recording time but ensures a smooth sustain after the legato transitions have sounded.


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