Meta 2.1 [macOS] [TNT]

Released : 2021
Version : 2.1 MAS
Developer : Benjamin Jaeger
Architecture : x86 (64-bit)
Interface language : 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇮🇹 🇪🇸 🇷🇺
Tablet : K-ed by TNT
Distribution time : before the appearance of the first 3-5 downloaders
System Requirements : macOS 10.10 or later

Size:  12.3MB

Description : “Meta” is a comprehensive application that helps you manage your music collection. With “Meta”, you can easily edit the tags of music files, such as song artist, album, illustration, etc.

Supported formats:
– MP3 (mp3, mp2, mpga)
– MP4 (mp4, m4a, m4v, m4r, m4b, m4p, mpg4, aac, adts)
– OGG (ogg, oga, spx, opus)
– WAV (wav, wave, bwf)
– DSD (dsf, dsdiff)
Supported metadata formats: ID3 (v1, 2.3, 2.4), APE, MP4 (atom), Vorbis (Xiph) and INFO tags.
• Characteristics:
Batch Edit:
– apply changes to a selection of files at the same time
– Cut/Copy/Paste metadata in batch
– Perform string conversions
– Generation of a sequence of track numbers
– Find and replace text or regular expressions
Template-based conversions:
– rename files (compose file names using tags)
– Extract tags from filenames or file paths
– Compile tags based on other metadata
– Create custom directory structures based on the tags of each file
Album cover management:
– Import or export album art via drag and drop
– Adjust images either on demand or automatically when added (scale, crop and compress to keep your file sizes low)
– Find album art online with one click using the built-in “Cover Finder” (optional in-app purchase)
File management:
– Rename, Move, Delete, Open, “Open With” and “Show” files from the app
– Import or export M3U playlists
– Import or export tags in CSV format (Numbers, Excel spreadsheet)
iTunes Friendly:
– Add tracks to iTunes or update their metadata after finishing editing in Meta.
– Get autofill suggestions as you type from your iTunes library
Customizable user interface:
– Define the lists of tags you want to view/edit thanks to custom view settings
– Quickly switch between configurations depending on your needs (eg: general, advanced, sorting, related to podcasts,…)
– Tooltips help you edit long text (text, comments), find tracks’ BPM (press tempo) or enter dates without worrying about the correct format
Fast, clean, reliable native macOS app:
– Cancel support
– Quick Look support allows you to view audio and images in the app
– Instant editing
– Powered by well-tested open source tagging engine Taglib

What’s new

16 Sept. 2021 – Version 2.1
What’s New?
– Find tags and artworks online using the Discogs database
– New and refreshed toolbar icons
– Writes FLAC Artworks before Vorbis Artworks, for enhanced compatibility
– Stopped overriding the URL of the save panel when exporting tags/playlists, thus preserving the most recently used location
– Format guessing in “Import Tags” is now avoided when format is too big, to avoid possible interface sluggishness
– Fixed the display of “File Info” tokens in recent patterns
– Fixed “Move to” toolbar item recents management
– Fixed a crash possibly triggered by autocomplete
– Fixed a crash when tag-extracting booleans and date types


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