Publisher : Loot Audio
Website : Loot Audio
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Size:  4.32 GB  
Description : “Aleatoric Metamorphic Movement” sets a new standard for polyphonic Kontakt textured instruments.
Using modern sound shaping techniques, AMM brings rough atmospheric samples to the modern era.
With the freedom of expression at the heart of AMM, it’s never been easier to get your soundstage out of your head into a DAW.

Key Features
– Four Sample Sources, each being allocated one of 305 different samples.
– 105 Included Snapshots
– Independent 3-band EQ, Envelope & Filter Parameters, for each source
– Pitch Shifting Controls, for shifting +/- 36 semitones
– Source-Specific Panning Controls
– Sample Selection Randomization
– ‘Source Movement’ Manipulation Pad, controlling the Gain Distribution Ratio
– ‘Filter Movement’ Manipulation Pad, controlling Filter Cutoff & Resonance on either all sources, or per-source
– ‘Horizontal’, ‘Vertical’ & ‘Circular’ Modulation Units, for both Manipulation Pads
– ‘Edit Modulation’ Menu, containing 4 LFO Modules, for modulating any source parameter, alongside 4 Envelope Modules, for controlling the dynamics of multiple different source parameters
– ‘Edit Effects’ Menu, featuring 9 different Effects Modules; Chorus, Distortion, Lo-Fi (Bitcrusher), Replika Delay, Spatial (Stereo Field Enhancer), Filter, Phasis (Phaser), Convolution (Reverb) & Flair (Tuned, Harmonics-Enhancing Flanger)
– ‘Edit Randomize’ Page, housing toggles for the randomization of multiple sets of parameters

Download “Loot-Audio-Ergo-Kukke-Aleatoric-Metamorphic-Movement” Loot-Audio-Ergo-Kukke-Aleatoric-Metamorphic-Movement.torrent – Downloaded 2 times – 78 KB


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