iZotope – RX 9 Audio Editor Advanced

Released : 2022
Version : 9.3.0
Developer : iZotope, Inc.
Architecture : x86 (64-bit)
Interface language : English
Tablet : Program treated
System requirements : macOS 10.14.6 or newer
Distribution time : before the appearance of the first 3-5 downloaders

Size:  1.56GB

Description : Welcome to RX 9! This version features new processing that makes creating complex environments, removing complex hum and noise, and separating dialogue from background noise easier and faster than ever. We’ve added new modes to match the setting, isolate dialogue, and reduce noise. And the history list is now expanding with the ability to restore selections to previous processing steps.
Key features :
Noise Surgical Removal
Use a variety of tools to control, replace, or completely remove any unwanted noise in your audio—if you can see it, you can remove it.
Versatile modules for every situation The
RX comes with modules that remove hum, clipping, clicks, and even isolate dialogue from other noise.


Need help?
The RX Repair Assistant diagnoses your audio and offers recommendations for dealing with difficult noises in a single listening session.
Musical Rebalance
With improved source separation algorithms and the ability to generate stems from stereo, you can easily reanimate a mix, remove or isolate vocals for a remix, or even create and export new stems for further processing and mixing.
Spectral Recovery
Introducing Spectral Recovery, which restores frequencies above 4 kHz and turns grainy audio recorded over the phone or during video conferences into crisp, clear recordings.
Guitar De-noise
Save your rig with Guitar De-noise: Powerful tools to control fret squeaks, amp hiss and noisy pick sounds.
Control has been redesigned from the ground up. With one-click workflows to ensure your podcast meets the latest broadcast standards, you can restore, mix, and deliver your podcast with confidence.
Wow & Flutter
Join the recovery revolution with the all-new Wow & Flutter module. Easily correct velocity and pitch deviations associated with tape recording and optical soundtracks.
Horizontal scrolling
You asked, and we listened. Now you can scroll horizontally with your trackpad, touchpad, or mouse just like you would in your favorite DAW.
Chaining modules
Apply multi-module processing in one fell swoop. Create your own processing chain in any order, any number of times, and render sound with a single click. Or use one of the included presets to apply a set of modules tailored to your needs.
Use 16 independent frequency bands and a detailed audio spectrum analyzer to quickly detect and reduce any noise in your signal with unparalleled accuracy.


What’s new

Version 9.3.0 released February 24, 2022
Adds native support for Apple silicon-based Macs.
RX ARA plug-ins are currently supported in Logic Pro only when opened using Rosetta.
RX VST2 plug-ins do not include native support and are available only in DAWs/NLEs opened using Rosetta.
RX app: VST2 plug-in hosting can only be enabled when the RX application is opened using Rosetta.
Adds support for macOS Monterey (12.2.x).
Add support for Windows 11.
Bug Fixes
Fixes incorrect display of preset name when toggling between multiple instances of the same module in a given Module Chain.
Fixes issue that caused the waveform overview magnitude zoom level reset to default after rendering.
Fixes error message that would appear when attempting trial or demo an RX plug-in in Logic running in native mode.

Download “iZotope-RX-9-Audio-Editor-Advanced-9.3.0-mac-OS” iZotope-RX-9-Audio-Editor-Advanced-9.3.0-mac-OS.torrent – Downloaded 8 times – 32 KB


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