Year / Date of Release : 2021
Version : 3 v3.2.0
Developer : Initial Audio
Developer site : Initial Audio
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : present
System requirements : Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only)
4 Core CPU
8 GB Ram
64Bit VST compatible Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Size:  212.25 GB
Description : Initial Audio is proud to present Heat Up 3. A major update to our hugely successful Heat Up 2 virtual instrument, beloved by music producers around the world!
Heat Up 3’s goal is even better sound quality and much more expression to really bring out the best of each instrument. Heat Up 3 comes with over 860 tools, including the new Studio Essentials addon.
Why HEAT UP 3?– Today, music producers have a lot of options when it comes to sound plugins. We’re sure you already have a lot of plugins that you like, so why use Heat Up 3? The simple answer is the quality, meaning, and the huge range of sounds every producer needs, all in one easy-to-use plugin. The main advantage of Heat Up 3 is that it uses high quality multisamples recorded from different sources, we have recorded real instruments like pianos and horns, as well as samples from a variety of analog and digital hardware. Heat Up 3 captures the unique sound of many different instrument types, all contained in one easy-to-use plug-in.
Thousands of presets!– This kit comes with ready-to-use presets: Bass, 808, Bell, Brass, Choirs, Drum Kit, Keyboards, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Stubs, Strings, Violins, Synthesizers, Guitars, Vocal Fills, and more. Every instrument in Heat Up has been recorded in the highest possible quality. Each instrument is multisampled across the entire keyboard range, providing the best sound quality from lowest to highest note. Add to that our high-quality effects, crystal-clear limiter and expressive capabilities and the result is one of the best quality virtual instruments on the market today.

Over 850 multi sampled instruments in categories such as Keys, Brass, Bass, Hits, Pads, Leads, Organs, Arps and Sequences, Plucks, Strings, Synths, Drum Kits, Bells, Choirs and much more! Basically every sound you could possibly need to make your next song.
Expression page making each instrument more natural sounding and expressive.
12 High Quality effects in a reorderable effect rack, such as Reverb, Chorus, Compressor, Vibrato, Tremolo, Reverse and more.
Powerful sequencer with lots of presets to inspire your next song. With a Humanize mode for extra realism.
2 ADSR envelopes and 2 LFOs with waveform editor routable to any parameter.
Crystal clear limiting algorithm to limit the output of Heat Up. Even if the output goes above 0 decibels (clipping) there will be zero distortion.
Atmosphere layer, add extra atmosphere to your instruments with sounds like tape hiss, vinyl sounds, wind, rain and much more. Drag and drop your own samples to use as an atmosphere layer.
On Release Sample. Select a sample to play on release either always or randomly. Drag and drop to use your own release samples
EXPANSiON list in distribution
Initial.Audio.Blackout .Heatup3
Initial.Audio. EDM.Monster.Heatup3
Initial.Audio.Kush.Lab.Expansion.for .Heatup3
Initial.Audio.Street .Cinema.Expansion.for.Heatup3
Initial.Audio.Vintage.Hiphop. Heatup3
Extension Description
The 6ix – 6ix comes with 142 additional Heatup3 presets inspired by the Tekashi 6ix 9ine.
Analog Circuitry – To create Analog Circuitry we had real analog equipment in the best possible quality, such as the Korg MS-20 and Akai Timbre Wolf. Add analog warmth to your tracks with this extension.
With Analog Circuitry, you get 124 user presets, multisampled in impeccable quality. Customize presets to your liking with HeatUp3’s powerful built-in features. Expand your HeatUp3 VST with this unique collection of true analog synthesizers.
Gold– Gold comes with 300 additional Heatup3 presets inspired by contemporary Hiphop and Trap artists such as KMN Gang, Lil Pump, Kevin Gates, Kanye West, Post Malone, Future, Migos, Drake and many more. Expand your Heatup3 library with new 808s, basses, solos, pads, plaks, arps, synths, keyboards and more. Build your next golden hit using Gold EXP.
Kush lab– 116 instruments with West Coast sounds! This kit will bring mid-90s sound to your music studio. Kush Lab covers a wide range of instruments such as Bells, Winds, Bass, Strings, Keys, Rhodes, Sound Effects, Drums, Solos, Winds, Guitars, Pads and other instruments inspired by artists such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Nate Dogg and many more.
Purple Slime – Comes with 70 additional Heatup3 presets inspired by the new wave of Hiphop and Trap. Expand your Heatup3 library with new 808s, basses, solos, pads, plaks, arps, synths and keyboards.
Saint– Comes with 150 additional Heatup3 presets inspired by contemporary Hiphop and Trap artists such as Saint Jhn, 6lack, Gashi, Lil Tecca and many more. Expand your Heatup3 library with new 808s, basses, solos, pads, plaks, strings, synths, keyboards and more.
Street Cinema – Includes over 160 instruments designed specifically to give you the feel of professional orchestral music. Street Cinema has strings in Legato, Staccato and Marcato. From emotional piano, angelic choir, smooth harps, powerful brass instruments to sharp hammers and percussion ready for war. Street Cinema is exactly what you need to succeed in
The North– Contains 116 additional presets for Heatup3 inspired by OVO. Expand your Heatup3 library with
new 808s, basses, solos, pads, plaks, strings, synths, keyboards and more.
Trap Empire is the perfect set of trap sounds for your mixes. It covers a wide range of instruments in many categories important to trap music. Inspired by contemporary music and producers, this sound pack includes outstanding brass instruments, edgy plakas, modern leads, keyboards and more …!
150 additional Trap
instruments 170 Instrument presets
48 Tribute percussion drums
– Tribute comes with 245 additional Heatup3 presets inspired by artists such as Nipsey Hussle, XXX Tentacion, Notorious Big, 2pac and many more. Expand your Heatup3 library with new basses, solos, pads, placards, strings, synths, keyboards and more.
Vendetta is a unique epic sound library that includes 320 additional presets for Heatup3.
Vibe City – Comes with 163 additional presets for Heatup3, inspired by the 80s, as well as contemporary artists like Weeknd.
VVS – Comes with 149 additional Heatup3 presets inspired by contemporary Hiphop and Trap artists such as Migos, Ufo361, Future, Tory Lanez and many more.
Weekend – Expansion Pack includes 150 additional Heatup3 presets inspired by Weeknd.
Platinum Factory – Comes with 359 additional Heatup3 presets inspired by contemporary Hiphop and Trap artists such as Travis Scott, Lil Pump, Kanye West, Post Malone, Future and many more. Over 40 new sequences using Heatup3’s unique built-in sequencer will instantly give you inspiration for new projects.

Download “Initial-Audio-Heat-Up-3-v3.2.0-1” Initial-Audio-Heat-Up-3-v3.2.0-1.torrent – Downloaded 3 times – 5 MB


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