Impact Studios – The Nuclear Bass 1.0 (DI+PRO) (KONTAKT)

Publisher : Impact Studios (ODEHOLM AUDIO)
Site : odeholm-audio
Format : KONTAKT FULL & K’ed 5.5.0+
Added : through the Files tab (see spoiler Screenshots )
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz mono

Size:  9.29 GB

Description : NUCLEAR BASS – the third in our trilogy of bass libraries.
This fire monster uses nearly double the samples of its predecessors, achieving stunning realism by triggering multiple samples per note at multiple velocity levels.
Based on the sound of the popular five-string fan-fretted guitar, the library combines fat subs with an explosive punch that will rock your atoms.
It’s a low-tuned dirty bass that will damn well leave its mark on your production.
Distribution version 2:
DI (Direct In) – this is a completely dry and clean bass guitar signal; polished and ready for processing. Run it through a plug-in or external controller just like a real bass and mix as much as you want.
PRO (Processed) – Uses the signature Buster bass sound with individual controls for the Sub, Clean and Grit channels. Take this fully realized bass sound and tweak it to match your mix, or load it into your songwriting template for a natural tone with the click of a button.

Note Range: low AF (C0 to F3)
7,835 samples: 8x Round Robin per articulation.
✅ Powerful UI
✅ Effortlessly heavy tone
✅ Down, up and alt-picking keyswitches
✅ Two distinct velocity layers
✅ Four mix-ready channels: sub, clean, grit and DI
✅ Additional functionality: 3-speed slides and dead notes
✅ More than 7,800 hand-edited samples


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