IK Multimedia – SampleTank 4 v4.1.4 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AUi WIN.OSX x64 + Alan Parson Imperial Grand, American Acoustic, Art Deco Piano, Billy Cobham, Brandenburg Piano, Cinematic Percussion, Electronika Chillout, Electronika Deep House, Hugh Padgham, Neil Peart, Orchestral Percussion, Terry Bozzio CONTENT

Giveaway updated : added libraries Art Deco Piano, Brandenburg Piano and Orchestral Percussion
Giveaway updated (11.06): added libraries Alan Parson Imperial Grand, Electronika Chillout, Electronika Deep House
Giveaway updated (17.06): added libraries American Acoustic and Cinematic Percussion

Year / Date of Release : 05.2021
Version : 4.1.4
Developer : IK Multimedia
Developer site : IK Multimedia
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : present | R2R
System requirements : Mac® (64-bit)
Minimal: Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo, 4 GB of RAM (8 GB suggested), Mac OS X 10.7 or later. 34 GB of hard drive space.
Windows® (64-bit)
Minimal: Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo or AMD Athlon ™ 64 X2, 4 GB of RAM (8 GB suggested), Windows® 7, Windows® 8 or Windows® 10.34 GB of hard drive space … Requires an ASIO compatible sound card.

Size:  20.41 GB
Description: The new SampleTank 4 is a program designed from the ground up. It is an expert music production workstation with a fully scalable interface, a vastly expanded sample library, and a state-of-the-art sound engine that makes the most of data streams, making possible things you could only dream of yesterday. Effects that required dozens of plug-ins are now implemented right inside SampleTank 4, making work faster and more inspiring.
You can quickly find the sound you want and change it with powerful new editing tools and modulation matrix. The program now includes an arpeggiator, a strammer, as well as players for loops and patterns that will help you assemble a song from individual sounds as quickly as never before.
Live mode makes SampleTank 4 your best friend on stage, as you can now create set lists and tweak each parameter just the way you want it.

IK Multimedia Alan Parson Imperial Grand – Add dramatic presence, expressive power and emotional depth to your music with one of the most prestigious concert grand pianos of all time, recorded by the legendary sound engineer.
in a world-class studio.
Alan Parsons Imperial Grand is a new instrument that allows you to experience the authentic acoustic sound of a first-class grand piano. It provides over a gigabyte of content with over 650 stereo samples covering 8 layers of velocity per note.
14 Instruments
Alan Parsons Imperial Grand
The Koeln Piano
Classical Grand
Soft Grand 1
Soft Grand 2
Soft Grand 3
Warm Grand
Bright Grand
Chorus Grand 1
Chorus Grand 2
Flanger Grand
Phaser Grand
Env Filter Grand
Lo-Fi FX Piano
More than 650 stereo samples
14 Instruments
IK Multimedia American Acoustic – Take control of the warmth and nuance of
one of the most popular American-made acoustic guitars of all time.
American Acoustic is the latest collection of SampleTank tools for audiophiles. We searched everywhere to find an exceptionally great-sounding vintage Martin® D28 * with its famous spruce top and mahogany neck. It’s hard to find a bad sounding guitar of this model, but we wanted the very best possible. We then recorded the guitar at our IK studio in Modena, Italy using the best microphones, preamps and converters available for this project.
91 Total Instruments
137 Total Patterns
More than 2,000 samples
IK Multimedia Art Deco Piano – Experience the vibrant and modern sound of one of the brightest looking and sounding pianos of all time. Iconic Danish design and methodical German construction combine in Art Deco Piano, an audiophile-level SampleTank collection of instruments that includes over 1GB of content with over 600 rich-sounding stereo samples.
10 Instruments
Art Deco Piano
Art Deco Piano Bright
Art Deco Piano Dark
Art Deco Warm Parlor
Art Deco Piano Tank
Art Deco Piano Chorus
Art Deco Piano Flange
Art Deco Chorus-Flange
Art Deco Phase 1
Art Deco Phase 2
IK Multimedia Cinematic Percussion – Treasure chest of sounds, loops and patterns.
The Sounds of the Best Hollywood Movies The
epic, authentic sounds of Hollywood blockbusters are now available for SampleTank. Cinematic Percussion introduces the tools used in the films Argo, Godzilla (2014), Godzilla, Transformers: The Age of Extinction, Iron Man, The Guardians, 300 and Argo. Underworld ”, TV series“ The Matrix ”,“ Dawn of the Dead ”(2004) and many others. And not only the sounds, but also the original performances of the musician who played in these and more than 100 other films: master percussionist Greg Ellis.
1 Mix
Cinematic Percussion
40 Instruments
20 “Bhutan Gong
32″ China Gong
38 “Java Gong
Big Hits
Chan Chans
Cinematic Shakers
Cinematic Tambourines
Cinematic Toms
Darbuka 1
Darbuka 2
Darbuka 3
Djembes and Darbukas
Frame Drums
Gongs 1
Gongs 2
Harvested Hits
Kendang Drums
Madal Drums
Metal Percussion
Nagara Drums
Scuba Tank Bells
Suspended Cymbals
Taiko Drums
Taiko Large
Taiko Medium
Cinematic Perc 84bpm_LP
Cinematic Perc 86bpm_LP
Cinematic Perc 90bpm_LP
Cinematic Perc 104bpm_LP
Cinematic Perc 110bpm_LP
Cinematic Perc 120bpm_LP
Cinematic Perc 128bpm_LP
Cinematic Perc 140bpm_LP
Cinematic Perc 144bpm_LP CineLP
Perc 160bpm_LP
Library size:
Over 2,000 Samples
400 Patterns
166 Audio Loops
IK Multimedia Hugh Padgham Drums – Use the legendary drum sound from the stone room by sound engineer-producer Hugh Padgham in your next recording.
Looking to add a little 80s style to your next big project? Check out Hugh Padham Drums, a collection of drum and MIDI groove instruments. It allows full control of the producer’s unique stone room drum sound with over 3600 samples and 240 MIDI patterns.
2 Multis
240 MIDI Patterns
11 Standard Kit Instruments
16 Room Mixing Kit Instruments
27 Instruments
IK Multimedia Billy Cobham Drums – Incorporate the sounds and grooves of legendary jazz fusion drummer Billy Cobham into your next recording.
Billy Cobham Drums is a new collection of high-resolution SampleTank instruments. It includes over 2 gigabytes of over 2000 meticulously recorded drum samples that include over 400 sound grooves played by Billy Cobham, the legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra and drummer Miles Davis, whose stunning performances continue to inspire generations of
10 Kit Instruments
Billy Cobham Kit
Billy Cobham Eco Kit
Billy Cobham Crush Room Kit
Billy Cobham Kicks
Billy Cobham Snares
Billy Cobham Kit
Billy Cobham Eco Kit
Billy Cobham Crush Room Kit
Billy Cobham Kicks
Billy Cobham Snares
10 Loop Instruments
Rogue Lord – 89 bpm
Side Draft – 95 bpm
A Single Utterance 1 – 93 bpm
A Single Utterance 2 – 118 bpm
Agape Nation 1 – 96 bpm
Agape Nation 2 – 128 bpm
Clouds – 86 bpm
Existence 1 – 75 bpm
Existence 2 – 158 bpm
Meters Hence – 86 bpm
Prioress Andre – 158 bpm
The Lily – 81 bpm
Thistle – 67 bpm
2,000+ drum kit samples
400+ audio loops
IK Multimedia Electronika Deep House – An indispensable blend of bass beats for large rooms, shiny synths, classical pianos, huge special effects and more.
More than 250 stitches in sets.
In the beginning there was Jack, and Jack had a groove. And one day Jack boldly stated: “If you want to create a groove of all grooves, then you need the Deep House sound library from SampleTank. These 4 kits and 252 loops, made up of 7 different categories, will give you everything: powerful beats, bass in a big room and sullen synths with which you have to proclaim “Let there be house!”
4 Instruments:
Overture 123 bpm
Sands 125 bpm
Piano Funk 124 bpm
Tales 121 bpm
IK Multimedia Electronika Chillout – More than 250 stitches in sets.
Are you ready to relax? Enjoy Chillout, a casual library for SampleTank that dims the lights and heightens the atmosphere. You’ll love retro tunes, sun-drenched beats and ribbon-laden loops, all with the right touch of organic sweetness. This sound library gives you 4 kits and 252 loops from 7 different categories such as bass, percussion, pads, effects and more. With Chillout, you have the ingredients for the perfect poolside sound cocktail.
4 Instruments:
Magic Mirror 102 bpm
Allegro 104 bpm
Lights 90 bpm
Nervous 114 bpm
252 Loops
IK Multimedia Terry Bozzio Drums – Incorporate the sounds and grooves of legendary drummer Terry Bozzio into your next recording.
Terry Bozzio Drums is a new collection of high-definition SampleTank instruments.
It includes a huge 1.7GB library with over 1,800 drum samples and 350 carefully recorded loops.
All of these sounds were played by Terry Bozzio, a drummer of sorts whose incendiary performances with Frank Zappa, UK, Jeff Beck and Missing Persons span 4 decades of classic album releases.
Terry Bozzio Kit 1
Terry Bozzio Kit 2
Terry Bozzio Pad Kit
16 Kit Instruments
Terry Bozzio Kit
Terry Bozzio Eco Kit
Terry Bozzio Crush Room Kit
Terry Bozzio Kicks
Terry Bozzio Snares
Terry Bozzio Toms
Terry Bozzio Hi-Hats
Terry Bozzio Ride Cymbals
Terry Bozzio Crash Cymbals
Terry Bozzio Hat, Ride and Crashes
Terry Bozzio Tom 1
Terry Bozzio Tom 2
Terry Bozzio Tom 3
Terry Bozzio Tom 4
Terry Bozzio Tom 5
Terry Bozzio Tom 6
17 Loop Instruments
Butterscotch – 167 bpm
Exit Blocked – 179 bpm
Sorrow – 174 bpm
Rough Roads – 170 bpm
This Place at Present – 165 bpm
Get Your Nose Out – 143 bpm
Strolling – 137 bpm
Talk – 135 bpm
Apertures – 130 bpm
Conspicuous – 129 bpm
Enjoy Guys – 105 bpm
Landing Place – 105 bpm
350+ audio loops
3 Multis
28 Instruments
IK Multimedia Brandenburg Piano – Add this unmistakably rich warm tone produced in Berlin.
Brandenburg Piano is a collection of SampleTank instruments for audiophiles that gives you the ability to control the rich and warm traditional sound of one of the most iconic German pianos of all time. It includes over 1GB of content with over 500 stereo samples that combine to create an unforgettable gaming experience.
10 Instruments
Brandenburg Piano
Brandenburg Piano Bright
Brandenburg Piano Dark
Brandenburg Piano Concert
Brandenburg Piano Chorus
Brandenburg Piano Flange
Brandenburg Piano Phase 1
Brandenburg Piano Phase 2
Brandenburg Octaves 1
Brandenburg Octaves 2
More than 500 stereo samples
10 Instruments
Includes new soundboard Impulse Response for the Acoustic Resonance effect
IK Multimedia Neil Peart Drums – Now put the sounds and grooves of legendary RUSH drummer Neil Peart Drums into your recordings. The Neil Peart Drums Sound and Groove Library for SampleTank is a new meticulously recorded collection of instruments that includes over 2,000 drum samples and over 800 grooves played by Neil Peart, the legendary drummer of Canadian band Rush and recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Neil Peart Drums was recorded by recent Rush producer Nick Raskulinech along with IK US founder and executive producer Dave Kerzner. We spared no expense to record this highly stylized drum kit – the very kit that Neil played on the Rush “Snakes and Arrows” album and tour.
10 Kit Instruments:
Neil Peart Kit
Neil Peart Eco Kit
Neil Peart Crush Room Kit
Neil Peart Kicks
Neil Peart Snares
Neil Peart Toms
Neil Peart Hi-Hats
Neil Peart Ride
Neil Peart Crashes
Neil Peart Hat, Ride and Cymbals
17 Loop Instruments:
Monkey Beats – 166 bpm
Tommy Groove – 87 bpm
Lime Groove – 132 bpm
Digital Beat – 149 bpm
Armor Grooves – 102 bpm
Cry Grooves – 126 bpm
Dream Grooves – 146 bpm
Free W – 156 bpm
Ghost Grooves – 122 bpm
Grace Groove – 146 bpm
MagNarc Grooves – 113 bpm
Missionary Groove – 143 bpm
Red B – 146 bpm
Spind Grooves – 110 bpm
Spirit Beats – 135 bpm
Subdivided Beats – 134 bpm
Victory Grooves – 133 bpm
MacOS activation help
1. After installing the tool and activation manager, turn off the Internet!
2. Run from App. activation manager, click Next: 3. In the next window, save the authorization file on your desktop (the Authorization Request.html file will appear there ): 4. Run IK_Multimedia_Keygen.exe from the distribution, select a product and generate a serial number: 5. Click the Get From button Authorization Request File and load the Authorization Request.html file previously saved on the desktop 6. Click on Generate For Other Computers and save the SampleTank 4.xml file on the desktop : 7. Go to the authorization manager and click on Load Authorization File:


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