Heckmann Audio – u-he MFM2 v2.5.0

Release Year/Date : 07.09.22
Developer : u-he
Developer Site : u-he
Format : VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tablet : cured [VR]
System Requirements : WIN 7+

Size:  18.9 MB

MFM2 – More Feedback Machine !
MFM2 is our premium digital delay plugin. You can create anything from subtle textured echoes to powerful spatial reverbs, from wild tonal steps on a pad to the rhythmic deconstruction of a drum track. Like a regular delay, MFM2 already offers as much control and inspiration as possible, while the advanced features in version 2.5 open up wider horizons. More feedback, more control, more inspiration!

Ping pong and panning delays
Filtered and frequency-shifted delays
Chorus, flanger, resonator
Reverb, diffusion and ambient
Granular effects
Degrading and distorting delays
Muted and compressed delays
Infinite loops
Keyboard-controlled (adjustable) comb filter
Massive glitch effects
Any combination of the above
.. .and much more
Changelog v2.5.0
September 6, 2022
Read more Feedback Machine 2.5 (revision 13385)
improvements :
CLAP (new plugin format) support
fresh new GUI.
New input section with gain, filter and transient balance.
New grainy effect.
New diffuser effect.
New output limiter.
Improved filters.
Added counters for delay lines.
Improved GUI performance.
Oddsound MTS-ESP support.
Improved handling of connecting links in Windows.
Added settings and MIDI learning section.
Updated factory preset library.
Improved support for VST3.
Improved preset browser.
Improved sound set installation.
Support for copy and paste in pre-installed browser.
UTF8 support for usernames.
Various installer improvements for Mac and Windows.
System information displayed in the GUI (version, OS, plugin format)
Ctrl A/B replaces the fixed breathing and expression modulation.
Added “set default” option to Ctrl A/B section.
bugs fixed :
Fixed crash when loading script presets (eg Randomizer).
Fixed a crash in Bandlab Cakewalk when reloading a project using VST3.
Prevent audible clicks when switching presets.
The soft clip and decimate modulation effects did not work.
Unused options in the preloaded Linux browser are now greyed out.
Various fixes and improvements to the framework.
Special Notes :
The Windows Installer has been improved to prevent common installation issues. Please
check the suggested installation paths during installation, ensure that the update is installed to the same location
as the previous version, and that all installed plugin formats are updated.
The factory preset library has been redesigned for this update.
Removed some less useful presets, added new ones.
Presets are now sorted more meaningfully, so you may need to reassign favorites.
Windows and Linux users, consider deleting the factory library folder before running the update installer.
The delay line output range has been adjusted from 0 to 200 and 0 to 100.
If older designs have automated this parameter, the automation envelope needs to be adjusted.
We have removed the ability to store information about the last used MIDI note and velocity in the preset file itself.
The potential for confusion and accidental saving of this data with a preset simply outweighs the benefits.
To set a preset for a specific note in a project, either create a MIDI clip or set up your track,
so that the effects plugin can receive MIDI data from this clip.
Or use the host automation parameters internalNote and internalVel if your host cannot send MIDI to effects.


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