Publisher : Fracture Sounds
Website : fracturesounds
Format : KONTAKT FULL & K’ed 5.6.8+
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Size:  4.64 GB
Description : Continuation of our popular collection of “character pianos”. Brilliant piano harmonics played by the stunning Steinway D concert grand. Deeply sampled in a concert hall with a variety of forward-looking microphones. Designed for Kontakt with the composers of contemporary films and TV series in mind.
Glacier Keys is a collection of piano harmonics played on a Steinway D concert grand and sampled in incredible detail in a modern concert hall setting. Harmonics are created by carefully placing your finger in the middle of the string, creating a pitch one octave above the natural note of the string, resulting in a beautiful “glassy” timbre, perfect for neoclassical, ambient and minimalist compositions or any other situation where you need a piano with a more notalgic sound or brilliant tone than usual.

Download “Fracture-Sounds-Glacier-Keys-Cinematic-Piano-Harmonics” Fracture-Sounds-Glacier-Keys-Cinematic-Piano-Harmonics-.torrent – Downloaded 12 times – 26 KB


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