Publisher : FL Studio PRO
Website :
Format : WAV, MIDI
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Size:  667.8 MB
Description : Forget the exhausting search for suitable samples or presets in dozens of tiny and low-quality collections!
More One-Shot Samples, FX, Loops (New) and MIDI
This is not an add-on for MegaPack 1.0, this is completely new samples and a product as a whole, containing even more one-sot drum samples, loops, sound effects and MIDI files.
Better selection and modernity of samples for your compositions
Every year the standards in the EDM industry rise and trends change, the material of this pack is completely updated for the best quality and modern sound.
Now there are samples for any modern genre of electronic music
Now any kind of drum sample is conveniently categorized by type and genre.
Added new sample categories
Drum Loop (Loops), Soundscapes (sound textures), FingerSnaps, Toms, Rims, and more.

2500 only the best One-Shot Samples, absolutely all types of EDM drums and percussion conveniently categorized by types and genres
300 types of sound effects forever popular in electronic music
250 MIDI popular chord progressions and original melodies


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