Export for iTunes 3.1 [macOS] [HCiSO]

Release year : 2022
Version : 3.1 MAS
Developer : Giorgos Trigonakis
Architecture : x86 (64-bit)
Interface language : English
Tablet : K’ed by HCiSO
Distribution time : before the appearance of the first 3-5 downloaders
System Requirements : macOS 10.9 or later

Size:  20.4MB 

Description : Export your playlists and albums from your Mac music library (iTunes or the Music app in macOS Catalina and later) to any local folder, external storage, SD card or USB drive!
You can easily transfer your playlists to your car stereo or any other media player.
Export and convert any type of DRM-free audio files (AAC, MP3, ALAC, AIFF, WAV).
It is not possible to export or convert DRM-protected files such as audio files from the music streaming service “Apple Music”.
Use this app to:


• Add music from iTunes to any media player
• Create a USB stick or SD card with your music
• Share playlists with friends
• Move music to another computer
• Back up your music
#Easy to use
Just select the playlists or albums you want to export and click the export button. The application will convert, export, organize the files and create an m3u playlist file for you.
#Audio Converter
Choose whether you want to convert your music files to mp3 or aac for better compatibility with most media players. Convert audio files of any type* (MP3, ALAC, AIFF, WAV).
#M3U playlist file
Choose if you want to create an m3u playlist file for each playlist. The M3u file will help you play your playlists on any compatible player, or even import your playlist to another iTunes library.
#Select audio file names
Select one of the predefined name formats or create your own format using the Name Format Editor.
#Organize exported files
The application will organize the exported audio files into folders. You can choose whether you want to organize the exported files by artist, album, or playlist.
#Select playlist order
You can keep the original playlist order, or choose to order the songs in the playlist by year, artist, or even random.
#Export your favorite podcasts
Select your favorite shows and podcast episodes to export.
#Clear hidden files
The application can clean your external drive of hidden OS X files that may cause compatibility issues with certain media players or other operating systems.
#Export song metadata
The app can create CSV or Excel files with song metadata.
What’s new

Feb 17, 2022 – Version 3.1
You can now create Export Settings Profiles!
If you have more than one device that you export music, and every device requires different export settings, you can now easily create a settings profile for every device.
To create a profile, use the “Create New Profile with Settings” option on the new action menu (gear icon) of export options panel, then give a profile name. App will create a profile with current export settings. You can load a profile with “Open Profiles” option (double click a profile to load settings).
You can also use the new “Export Settings to File” option to create a file with the current settings of the app (JSON,txt file). You can use this file to share settings with other users.
New export options action menu (gear icon) on export options panel.
Available actions:
-Reset to Defaults
-Export Settings to File
-Load Settings from File
-Create New Profile with Settings
-Open profiles
New option “Convert only higher bitrate songs”. With this option enabled, app will convert only songs with higher bitrate than the selected.
New option to organize exported songs by Playlist/Artist folder

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