Publisher : Emergence Audio
Website : emergenceaudio
Format : KONTAKT FULL & K’ed 6.4.2+
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Description : Continuous transformation.

Size:  7.4 GB
The Quantum Sampler, combined with our innovative and easy-to-use engine, creates a sense of endless motion unlike anything before. To understand the true potential of Quantum, just hit a few notes to truly hear the soundscapes unfolding over time. It was a conscious intention to play each note slightly differently on the keyboard within the same sound source during the sampling process. This creates a non-static evolutionary cycle that seems alive and will never repeat itself the same way.
The intuitive and user-friendly interface helps you instantly create an inspiring, ever-evolving mix of pads, textures, soundscapes, drones and nuance-filled pulses. Great for film scoring, TV shows and games, ambient music, contemporary music, sound design, trailer music, new age / meditation music, downtempo, synthwave …

Download “Emergence-Audio-Quantum-1.2-KONTAKT” Emergence-Audio-Quantum-1.2-KONTAKT.torrent – Downloaded 3 times – 38 KB


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