Publisher : Cinetools
Website :
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 192/96 kHz stereo

Size:  12.28 GB

Description : ‘Witchcraft’ is the newest sound library from Cinetools that contains over 1,700 high quality elemental black magic sound effects, including spells, curses, exploration, defense, transformation, attack and more. You can harness the power of unearthly elements to create your own unique effects.
This charming library focuses on the 7 basic elements of magic: Acid, Earth, Electricity, Fire, Ice, Nature and Water, but also includes a huge range of additional materials that will allow you to use the library to your needs, and offers pre-made sound effects. such as: self-immolation, petrification, summoning, acid spear, glacial burst, energy blast, fire arrow, sandstorm, boulder throw, telekinesis, combustion, water strike, revenge spell, acid rain and more.
One of the big advantages of this library is that it provides you with three main folders to speed up your workflow: Designed, Design Tools, and Predesigned. All sounds are very detailed, layered and arranged so that they can be easily added to your projects.

+1750 high quality sound effects


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