Cherry Audio Synth Bundle (NO INSTALL, ONLY VST3)

Release Year/Date : 04.2022
Version : 1.2.0
Developer : Cherry Audio
Developer Website : Cherry Audio
Format : VST3
Bit depth : 64bit
Tabletka : cured R2R

Size:  265 MB

System requirements : Windows 10
Description : A set of synthesizers from the Cherry Audio company:
Surrealistic MG-1 Plus v1.2.0.66
Quadra v1.0.4.75
PS-20 v1.2.0.98
Polymode Synthesizer v1.2.0.54
Mercury-4 v1.2.0.97
Memorymode v1.2.0.125
Eight Voice v1.2.0 .107
Dreamsynth v1.0.7.128
CA2600 v1.2.0.103
DCO-106 v1.2.0.52

Download “Cherry-Audio-Synth-Bundle-NO-INSTALL-ONLY-VST3” Cherry-Audio-Synth-Bundle-NO-INSTALL-ONLY-VST3.torrent – Downloaded 0 times – 765 KB


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