Year/Release Date: 04.2021
Version: 1.0.3
Developer: Boz Digital
Developer Site:bozdigitallabs
Format: VSTi, VSTi3

Discharge: 32bit, 64bit
Tablatka: present (patcher) | JustFun598
System Requirements: Windows XP or
Greater, VST Host

Size: 65.2 MB

Description: Das Boot gives realistic top-up tracks of any band size from one person to a whole crowd.
Das Boot is designed to make it easier to create the sounds of a stomp of any size. From a single punch to a whole crowd, you determine how these stomping steps sound.
You determine the size of the group. You determine how sloppy the trampling will be. You control the mix of the microphone. We sampled a few stomping steps in several layers and a bunch of RR from three different points of the microphone position. The resulting trampling sounds natural, no matter how big the crowd is.
Manage with MIDI or a built-in step sequencer that automates 12 user-generated patterns.
You can speculate as much as you like how big the trampling will be, but listen to the demo yourself…

Download “Boz-Digital-Labs-Das-Boot-1.0.3” Boz-Digital-Labs-Das-Boot-1.0.3.torrent – Downloaded 1 time – 11 KB


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