Black Octopus Sound – Basement Freaks Presents Trash Cans (WAV)

Publisher : Black Octopus Sound
Website : Black Octopus Sound
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Size:  661.6 MB

Description : Basement Freaks has become a household name here at Black Octopus Sound and we are excited to present his 50th sample pack! Trash Cans contains his dirtiest and dirtiest trap samples and is ready to turn your tracks into some of the meanest beats in the game. You will not find garbage in this pack! Also for this level of celebration, he added bonus content that you can use in your productions!
Inside are devastating drums, including an 808 clone drum machine, intimidating top loops and menacing 808s. An intimidating collection of dense percussion instruments with blocks, bells, shakers, guiro loops and tambourine are perfect to fill any mix. Vibrant examples of the original Chinese tam-tam (gong) from Wuhan. Massive music loops using flutes, Quica bells and the Behringer DeepMind synthesizer for some unique arpeggios.

Description continued:
This pack is also loaded with organic sound effects, recorded straight from Basement Freaks’ kitchen (and yes, that includes its wastebasket) for the most incredibly distinctive trap beats! Mixing it using traditional recording methods but also adding some external effects such as TC M2000, Elektron Analogue Heat, ELX Big Muff, RAT2 and many other stompboxes. These sounds were then converted into powerful samples that Basement Freaks love.
In addition to instruments, this pack contains both analog and organic sounds, giving you a unique take on Trap, as well as an arsenal of loops and one-shots to suit a wide variety of genres. These samples will break your boundaries and shake up your production with their ruthless dirty sounds, so don’t miss this opportunity to add top-notch Basement Freaks percussion to your tracks!
Pack Contents:
317 Total Samples
93 Drums One Shots
36 Percussion One Shots
32 Sound Effects
25 Yuhan Tam Tam One Shots
23 Cowbells & Agogo Loops
22 Music Loops
20 Top Loops
17 Plastic Blocks Loops
12 Sleigh Bells Loops
16 Shakers & Guiro Loops
10 808 Loops
9 Sound Effects Loops
2 Tambourine Loops


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