Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1 Ver. 1.0

Publisher : Orchestral Tools
Website :
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Size:  7.85GB

Description : The Berlin Woodwinds Expansion B library is the official extension of Berlin Woodwinds (although you can use it without the main Berlin Woodwinds library). The instruments are specially designed for expressive solo passages and single instrument performances in front of the orchestra.
Flute Solo: Grace, Legato, Portato, Staccato, Sustain
Alto flute solo: Grace, Legato, Portato, Staccato, Sustain
Oboe solo: Variable notes, Legato, Portato, Staccato, Sustain, Markato, Trill
English horn solo: Changing_Notes, Legato, Portato, Staccato, Sustain, Marcato, Trills
Clarinet solo: Grace, Legato, Portato, Staccato, Sustain, Trill

Download “Berlin-Woodwinds-Soloists-1-Ver.-1.0” Berlin-Woodwinds-Soloists-1-Ver.-1.0.torrent – Downloaded 3 times – 2 MB


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