12/10/2021 The distribution has been updated. This version does not require entering a serial number or connecting to a network.

Year / Date of Release : 09/14/2021
Version : 4.3.0
Developer : BBE Sound
Developer site : BBE Sound
Format : VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : cured
System requirements : Windows 7 or later, Intel / AMD processor with SSE2, 2 GB RAM or higher.

Size:  49.7 MB
Description : BBE Sonic Sweet v4 plugins give you exactly the same brightness, clarity and fullness as the hardware modules, with the added bonus of full automation. The “Sonic Sweet” kit consists of four amazing plugins that bring the legendary BBE sound to your mixes.
Sonic Maximizer : Musicians and studio engineers have known for years that the Sonic Maximizer is the best way to get that professional sound and extra sparkle that’s hard to capture.
Harmonic Maximizer : Increases presence and clarity. It restores natural brightness and adds deeper and broader bass. It can be used in the studio on individual tracks or as a whole mix, or live to enhance the PA
Loudness Maximizer system : This is a plug-in for a multi-band limiter for mixing and mastering. The unrivaled transparency allows the Loudness Maximizer to dramatically increase the overall level of the mix without audio artifacts and pumping effects.
Mach 3 Bass: As a new addition to the Sonic Sweet range, Mach 3 Bass takes your low-frequency level to new sonic depths. Insert this plugin into any type of bass instrument or signal where you need a lot of bass boost.

Select the required plugins during installation. Install and use.
The path to the VST2 folder is taken from the VSTPluginsPath registry value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ VST
If this parameter / section is not present, VST2 plugins are installed in C: \ Program Files \ VstPlugins

Download “BBE-Sound-Sonic-Sweet-4.3.0-VST-VST3-AAX-WIN-x64” BBE-Sound-Sonic-Sweet-4.3.0-VST-VST3-AAX-WIN-x64.torrent – Downloaded 1 time – 8 KB


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