Publisher : Avosound
Website : Avosound
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

Size:  94.21 GB

Description : Charge your server with over 135 tones from the Avosound Tone Library, 46 Industrial Tones and an IR1 Impulse Response Kit for Altiverb and Avid Space. Because: Sounds of numbers are everywhere. They are here when you read this site, they are behind you, they surround you – anytime, anywhere! Upload them now to your server and use them in your project. The Room Sounds package contains a wide variety of room sounds, such as humming, humming, or simply creating a character or impression of a room. Define the size, style or mood with the Avosound Room Tones sound library.

Avosound Room Tones Bundle
• 135 Room Tones Sound Effects And Atmospheres in Stereo, 5.1 Surround Sound And 13 Tracks in 11.1 3D Sound Format
• 46 Industrial Room Tones Sound Effects from the Avosound Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 Surround Sound Library
• Avosound IR1 Impulse Response Set including 54 Impulse Response Set for multichannel 5.1 and 11.1 3D Sound
• High Definition 24 Bit / 96 kHz
Avosound Room Tones Sound Library
Room tones are everywhere! Get access to more than 135 Room Tones from the Avosound Room Tones Sound Library. Create rooms and spaces from stereo, 5.1 surround sound up to the 3D sound formats like Dolby Atmos or Auro-3D®. Read more about the Room Tones Sound Library
Industrial room tones
Extend your room tones collection with the room tones form the massive Industrial Soundscapes Library. They are packed in the Industrial Room Tones Library and contain 46 industrial room tones.
Avosound IR1 Impulse Response Set
Create true surround and 3D sound for Dolby Atmos or Auro-3D® 11.1 with the multi-channel impulse responses from Avosound – compatible to Altiverb and TL Space. Using the IR1 Impulse Response Set, you have over 54 sets with impulse responses, including 42 for Auro-3D® 11.1 or Dolby Atmos sound.


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