Publisher : Audio Ollie
Website : Audio Ollie
Format : KONTAKT
Version : 5.5.2 or Higher
Quality : 24-bit 48-kHz

Size:  4.64 GB

The original library can be viewed here .

Description : We took a six-month journey to fill what, in our opinion, is a gap in the modern library market for synthesizers and samples. Scoring Synths is an exciting end product for recording the two most famous synthesizers in the world, rearranging them or “globalizing” them into one of the best sounding living rooms in the USA and re-recording them with many priceless vintage microphones. From the synthesizers themselves to the transducers, preamps, mastering loudspeakers, microphones and the sound stage, not a single sound compromise was reached in the process of creating this powerful new instrument. Scoring Synths is truly the first of its kind sample library.AND Z M E N E N AND I

  • Duplicate sems removed
  • Removed 6 Microphone Positions (WRONG)
  • The external interface has been changed (Due to the removal of 6 Microphone positions) (see. Screenshots)
  • Added Delay effect c adjustable
  • Added Reverb effect with the ability to adjust
  • The modulator wheel works like all other functions
  • All samples added to containers
  • Improved location of internal documents (All this was scattered and duplicated)
  • Batch reSave has been made several times for sure!

Download “Audio-Ollie-Scoring-Synths-REPACK” Audio-Ollie-Scoring-Synths-REPACK.torrent – Downloaded 10 times – 56 KB


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