Publisher : Audio Ollie
Site : audioollie
Format : KONTAKT FULL & K’ed 5.8.1+
Installation : added through the Files tab (see spoiler Screenshots )
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Size:  16.86 GB
Featuring some of Nashville’s finest string performers at Ocean Way Studios, a world-class music scoring environment, we have dedicated over two years to capturing the expressive performances of the incredible musicians we have worked with.
By using performance-based sampling techniques, we were able to preserve the subtle details and expressiveness of real live recordings, while retaining the sense of depth inherent in the room. Each note was analyzed in real time during the sessions to make sure we keep timbre consistency.
All short articulations have been taken from repetition-based performances to maximize fluidity and coherence. Legato transients have been taken from musical phrases to convey a level of expression reminiscent of that of a real piece of music. Every aspect of this library has been handled with the utmost attention to detail and the results are unmatched.
Focusing on the articulation of the main strings, Nashville Scoring Strings covers the main playing styles associated with contemporary film score. In these basic performance types, we prioritized quality over quantity in order to create a new benchmark for string libraries. Recorded by music mixer Nick Spezia (Call of Duty, Fortnite, Outlander), we’ve captured the sound that’s present in many famous movies, TV shows and video games. We have made every effort to push the boundaries of what is currently possible when developing a sample library. We are incredibly proud to present Nashville Scoring Strings!

Download “Audio-Ollie-Nashville-Scoring-Strings-KONTAKT-PART-2” Audio-Ollie-Nashville-Scoring-Strings-KONTAKT-PART-2.torrent – Downloaded 18 times – 5 MB


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