Publisher : Audio Ollie
Website : audioollie
Format : KONTAKT
Setting : added in the Files tab (see spoiler Screenshots )
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Size:  13.3 GB
Description : Our powerful groove engine has taken LA Modern Percussion to the next level. With four unique sequencers, dynamic step modulation, and the ability to assign individual drums to their own keys, you can create evolving playable patterns.
Audio Ollie teamed up with legendary music mixer Alan Meyerson to present his iconic, distinctive percussion sound that has never been reproduced with existing instruments and libraries. To capture this aggressive, wide and grandiose sound, we used the fine tuning that Alan uses in his blockbuster projects – we brought four of LA’s best percussionists to the Warner Brothers Eastwood stage and followed his formula every step of the way. By the way, from the choice of the microphone to the final mixes. The painstaking study of every detail was worth the effort! We are incredibly proud to present our new collaboration and flagship instrument, LA Modern Percussion.

Download “Audio-Ollie-LA-Modern-Percussion-1.1-KONTAKT-PART-1” Audio-Ollie-LA-Modern-Percussion-1.1-KONTAKT-PART-1.torrent – Downloaded 9 times – 4 MB


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