Publisher : Audio Imperia
Website : audioimperia
Format : KONTAKT 5.5.2+
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Size:  3.99 GB

Description : Recorded on the same stage as our leading Jaeger and Cerberus libraries, the TALOS series is yet another addition to our ever-expanding range of orchestra libraries samples. All TALOS libraries are ensembles of large sizes, which can vary from soft and thin to stunningly epic.
One of the main goals and objectives of the series was the creation of libraries capable of working with a full sound range even in a larger size than the ensemble, but at the same time preserve all its realism. We made sure that TALOS libraries not only blend perfectly with our other libraries (Jaeger, Cerberus, etc.), but also really blend well with each other and improve your writing skills.
For this volume, we recorded a rich-sounding carob ensemble of 12 players. In addition to a wide range of standard articulations, we recorded real legato transitions that, combined with our critically acclaimed legato script, will allow you to play fantastically realistic melodic lines.
The traditional orchestral sections at Talos – Horns are complemented by an extensive and incredibly flexible sound design section. All sound design comes from the original orchestral recordings and it is really easy to create your own, tuned sounds in just a few steps.

Download “Audio-Imperia-Talos-Volume-One-Horns-KONTAKT” Audio-Imperia-Talos-Volume-One-Horns-KONTAKT.torrent – Downloaded 3 times – 1 MB


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