Audio Ease – 252 Digital Reverberation System (ALTIVERB)

Publisher : Audio Ease
Website :
Format : ALTIVERB 7.28+

Size:  83.5 MB

Description : The 252 digital reverb system is the successor to the well known 251 system. This IR set includes REV-D, NONLIN, REVERB and 250 VERB, all with 8 presets each. Then the REVERB and 250 VERB programs also have many reverb time settings from short (0.4 seconds) to long (4.5 seconds) with three different EQ settings (high, low, natural). CHORUS programs are not included.

Download “Audio-Ease-252-Digital-Reverberation-System-ALTIVERB” Audio-Ease-252-Digital-Reverberation-System-ALTIVERB.torrent – Downloaded 1 time – 35 KB


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