Aberrant DSP – Digitalis.v1.0-FLARE

Release Year/Date : 13/04/2022
Version : v1.0
Developer : Aberrant DSP
Developer Site : aberrantdsp.com/plugins/digitalis/
Format : VST3, AAX
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : cured
System requirements :
Windows 10 or later
VST3 and AAX on 64-bit

Size:  35.1 MB

Description :
Digitalis is a multifunctional digital degradation and glitch tool. Inspired by bad converters,
unearthed CDs, poor internet connections and catastrophic bugs.
Digitalis is your personal vehicle through the endless digital wasteland.
Add. Information :
-Data Manipulation Window:
Spectral Filtering PaintBox, allowing you to filter the sound using custom patterns.
Pitch section including pitch shift, formant shift and pitch quantization
Telecom section for lossy audio effects
Corruption window:
Decimate section for flexible downsampling effects
Dynamic bitcrushing section with multiple modes for a wide range of digital hiss and grit
Bitrot section that simulates loss and corruption of data on old digital media.
– Time window:
Highly configurable repeater section for tempo-synced or floating retrigger and beat repeat effects
Pitch Shift and Bend
controls for modulating repeats Rhythm Glitch and Pitch Glitch controls that add a layer of chaos and complexity to repeater patterns
Customizable window ordering to change the flow of Digitalis signals
16-step tempo-locked sequencer with 4 effect slots, opening up endless possibilities for custom modulations and rhythmic variations.
Advanced AI Assistant John to guide you through everything Digitalis has to offer.
Custom preset system with 98 factory presets illustrating Digitalis’ vast arsenal of effects.


Download “Aberrant-DSP-Digitalis.v1.0-FLARE” Aberrant-DSP-Digitalis.v1.0-FLARE.torrent – Downloaded 0 times – 12 KB


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