Publisher : 8Dio
Website : 8Dio
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

Size:  6.43 GB

Description : Welcome to our Claire Virtuoso Woodwind series by Emmy nominated composer Colin O’Malley. The Claire Woodwind series is a deep collection of the finest woodwind virtuoso soloists. These are very playable instruments filled with sincere emotions, easy and balanced demeanor.

Additional Information
Our Alto Flute Virtuoso is the most expressive, playable and lifelike Alto-Flute ever sampled. The Alto Flute Virtuoso VST was recorded in a symphonic hall and contains three microphone positions (Close, Decca, Wide). The core of the instrument is its highly advanced legato system, which includes both lyrical and strong legato. The legato system allows you to play legato with passionate arcs and sustains. We recorded arcs with both light, medium, and strong vibrato, so you can freely sculpt your performance from the subtle to vibrant. Also, we also added trills, runs, staccatissimo, marcato and even non-tonal effects like breaths, valve sounds, and natural click noises, etc.


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